Eric Jablonowski

Eric Jablonowski


Feeding Frenzy


Winner of the 2018 Delaware Trout Stamp

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About Eric

Fine Artist

Growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania, Eric  spent the better part of his childhood in the country, surrounded by nature.  While exploring the forest, many animals and objects caught his attention not knowing one day, this would lead him to a career in art. He absorbed the beauty nature provided and also developed an interest in photography allowing him to get close to wildlife and capture the scene, details, and to observe light.


His attention to detail was evident early on.  After Eric graduated college, he developed an interest in human anatomy and has had a long career as a medical illustrator and is widely published in medical journals and books.  


But, it is Eric’s love for wildlife and landscape painting that really is where he is most content. Whether it is a moose, whitetail, antelope, lion or water buffalo, there isn't a subject he won't tackle and believes that conservation is the key to many more years of a healthy wildlife population.


He is an avid outdoorsman spending countless hours in the field and on the stream photographing and studying animals and objects in their environment. Eric’s paintings reflect his love for wildlife and the outdoors. 

“An Artist's Journey to Greatness,
Is A Lifelong Pursuit"

- Eric Jablonowski -

On Alert

Limited Print Series or 125

Original oil painting size 14 x 18 prints are available.

Size 14 x 18 giclée print.

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